MetaVerse & NFT Game World

A future where the digital and physical interact and intersect.

Welcome to the Future.

Our Story

Every story has a beginning, so does ours. Give us an opportunity to tell you a story about how the future was made.

In the beginning, there was internet 2.0 and it was good, but as time passed it started to be ordinary, so we decided to give it one more dimension and make it an internet 3.0 internet that is a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Embark with us on a journey to a new dimension and help us expand our story.

Our Mission

The Spark Compass platform enables unique interactions between the physical and digital realms.

By building, developing and activating Digital Versions of the physical stadiums and venues within MetaVerse realms, visitors, fans and players can attend the digital universe and experience unique settings.

Using the Spark Compass NFT ecosystem as representative of the visitor as Avatars, we can grant Access via Digital NFT-Tickets, enable Virtual Sponsorship Experience for those visiting.